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Hey, I just wanted to show you my butt progress.

I am 5’6’.

On the left up I am about 155lbs, on the left down I am about 146 lbs and on the right I am 141 lbs.

The magic is in squats and running.

That’s it.

Find time to make 200 squats 6 times a week and go run for at least 60 minutes  times a week and you will see results.

You can’t even imagine how I love my but now.

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fitness blog :)


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thx soulja boy for the important reminder

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Anonymous: is it alright if i had mcdonalds last night? i had a big binge and had a sundae, big mac etc the whole works 

i think thats fine! one meal wont change the process. i love maccas and sometimes its good to eat bad food.

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Comes in : Coral | Pink | Teal | White | Neon Yellow | Light blue 


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have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

tegan and james ugh

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Anonymous: do you have a thigh gap"? 

nope thick thighs 4evsss

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Anonymous: one thing you like and dislike about yourself? 

like: i have the best sense of humor tbh (:
dislike: i dont like putting myself out there, im very distant so people think i dont like them when really i dont like showing my feelings. the amount of people who think im a bitch when im really not

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Sophie Arvebrink - lower back extensions - July 26, 2014

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